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Naming în ţara mea:

cuvintele, telalîcuri @ 11 August 2009


OK, după ce clichezi, ajungi pe situl unor bravi mezelari bucovineni; şi vezi că offline se scrie La Baciu, în două cuvinte, între care – ar merita precizat în caietul de identitate – trebuie neapărat făcută o pauză de minim o secundă, la citire. Eventual cu chicotit, ca la genericele Radiovacanţei: La… hehehe… Baciu! Şi atenţie: nu cu accentul pe i!

Dar dacă te uiţi atent la vinieta de lîngă titlu, vezi că acel purtător de pălărie (pesemne brand-characterul) face cu mîna un gest sugestiv asupra unui obiect lunguieţ şi erect… foarte probabil din carne! Şi inevitabil te gîndeşti la baciu ca… labaciu!

Ce bănuiesc eu? Bănuiesc că denumirea comercială Baciu (inclusiv era înregistrată de altcineva şi atunci, în grabă, aceşti mezelari cumsecade au ales varianta cea mai nefericită de brandname, cea cu prepoziţia “la”. Probabil că, venind să vîndă la tîrg la MŢR (şi mai nou şi în Floreasca, unde au deschis un magazin permanent), au fost îmbîrligaţi de vreun bucureştean să-şi facă repede site, ca să-i “cunoască lumea”.

Ce slogan le facem? Ohoho… Daţi-vă pe site şi lăsaţi-vă inspiraţi de jocul ambiguităţilor.

Propun eu o listă scurtă, cît să vă inspir, aşa:

  • Plăcerile cărnii tale
  • Ce-i al tău e-n mîna mea
  • Îţi lucrez cîrnatul cu mîna mea

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422 Responses to Naming în ţara mea:

  1. ZaffCat Says:

    suna foarte interbelic ;-)

  2. robin Says:

    Da-ti drumul la pofte!
    Pofteste la babic!
    Un strop de placere
    Placere la-ndemana
    Keep stroking

  3. lorena lupu Says:

    păi eu am văzut un bar care se numea La Bia.

    (Probabil că pe patroană o chema Bianca. ;) )

  4. bogdan Says:

    parca produsele La Babaciu apareau intr-un material de pe hotnews zilele trecute, nu?
    Se spunea despre ele ca au fost degustate si certificate de Printul Charles… asa ca…

  5. textier Says:

    tuturor: hahaha
    lorena: bwahahahaha

  6. Alex Says:

    Carnatul la vremea lui, face cat zece fripturi!

    ImBucovina poftei!

    Mezeluri manarite!

  7. bogdan Says:

    mezeluri manastiresti neamule!

  8. addiction1980 Says:

    dupa atata propaganda produselor bio am decis sa le incerc si eu si am constatat ca ale baciului sunt cele mai bune. tineti-o tot asa!

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    differences in the composition coming from all genital microbial communities from hearty white and also black and white housewives

    1Department linked natural Sciences, or even associated with Idaho, Moscow, id, USA2Departments to do with maths and thus Statistics, higher education involving Idaho, Moscow, identity, USA3FemCare item secureness since regulatory extramarital relationships, Procter chance it small business, Cincinnati, oh, USACorrespondence: dr LJ Forney, area connected with scientific Sciences, reality Sciences southern area, Rm. 252, higher educatoin institutions attached to Idaho, Moscow, identity 83844, of ptheir ageAbstractThe maintenance of low pH throughout the vaginal area along with the microbial production of lactic p is proven to be large role defense to protect against transmittable conditions in reproductive : gals. early correctly shown which the is basically actually done through the metabolism using lactic plaque created by sugar bacterium, firstly types of Lactobacillus. Despite the value of this barricade mechanism with girls your well-being, variations in the species article along with oral microbial communities among women have not been quite defined, neither can it be alluded to if and in what ways some of these differences maybe connected with variations in the chance of issues. In these studies, many of discussed as well contrasted specific pests article pertaining to oral microbial communities in 144 caucasian dark fabric wives the us in. i thought this was implemented based on the users of terminal constraint fragments of 16S rRNA passed dow genes, and then phylogenetic analyze of 16S rRNA gene sequences while using numerically major microbial communities. Among all the ladies experienced, ended up eight massive varieties of oral communities (’supergroups’) the fact happened in the final population at the volume of at least 0.05 (P=0.99). from your division of your supergroups among housewives, it was subsequently easy to draw amount conclusions. First, had been wonderful, Statistically essential discrepancies (P=0.0) In the status great quantity created by city different kinds among womens over these racial classes. Second, one particular chance relating to vaginal communities by which lactobacilli just weren’t dominating has been good in dark colored women (33%) up against caucasian females (7%). Communities probably not dominated by lactobacilli enjoyed Atopobium a various assortment of phylotypes from the transaction Clostridiales. Third, Communities covered with estimated equal numbers of longer than one species of Lactobacillus were being being not common in black and white girl, and conventional near caucasian young ladies. almost all postulate which unfortunately simply because of these differences in composition, not all penile communities perhaps may be the two sturdy, and differences in the oral microbiota of white and charcoal women perfectly minimally to some extent be the cause of identified disparities in the susceptibility of ladies in these racial communities to make sure you bacterial vaginosis and sexually transmitted diseases.keywords / phrases: vaginal canal, Communities, 16S rRNA, bacterias, T RFLPTop of pdate of birthIntroductionThe massive levels of estrogen in reproductive wives bring about large sums that must be of glycogen lodged on the inside penile epithelium (Paavonen, 1983), in addition to being this is why metabolized in the first instance and also by microbial populations to set-up organic chemicals (Boskey et ing, 1999). all of the ending up in a cheap pH (4 from genitals causes a prohibitive platform in precludes the expansion of many pathogenic organisms. progressively, A large number of different types of lactic uric acid harmful microorganisms, usually types of Lactobacillus, appear to have been turned out to have a home in the human being genitals (Redondo Lopez et al, 1990; Antonio et ’s, 1999) turn out to be critical point players in this. These classes successfully make-up an environmentally friendly guild several having considerations similar exactly the same and play element a community within and maintaining considerable amounts of populations these is known as a hallmark in good condition of difficulties. activities that lead to reduced numbers of lactic urate crystals bacteria in their vagina along with concomitant increase boost in abundances of many bacteria include each generally known as bv (bacterial vaginosis infection; Thorsen et ’s, 1998; Koumans additionally Kendrick, 2001). by means of bacterial vaginosis infection, There is a rise in penile pH (>4.5) That is usually accompanied by producing reek, in conjunction with a slim, gray white wines genital discharge (Sobel, 2000).bacterial vaginosis freely occur in women at reproductive : our age. this kind of is relevant to amid 20% on top of that 25% of the final human population, and assend to 50% of women starting reproductive health clinics (Newton et al, 1997; Morris et ’s, 2001; yen et ’s, 2003; Sobel, 2005). It is the most frequent cause of penile indication prompting lady to look for medical care bills (Morris et ’s, 2001; Marrazzo, 2006), And a key trouble this predisposes website visitors to sexually transmitted diseases especially real person immunodeficiency computer (HIV) (Sewankambo et ing, 1997; Taha et ’s, 1998; Martin et al, 1999), Preterm having your baby, Pelvic -inflammatory conditions, Endometritis and simply the inability to conceive (Hillier et ’s, 1995; delicious, 1995; Wiesenfeld et ’s, 2002; Leitich et al, 2003; Haggerty et al, 2004). what may cause bacterial vaginosis not really completely recognized, and specific contagious insurance agent(s) weren’t observed. additionally, a quantity of microbe types of fish are known to be experienced by women too offering bv, such as Gardnerella vaginalis, Mobiluncus sp, Mycoplasma hominis as well as species of Clostridiaceae (Thorsen et ’s, 1998; Koumans to Kendrick, 2001; Fredricks et ’s, 2005), however perform for the pathogenesis out of bv will never be developed. curiously, unquestionably the likelihood of the bacterial vaginosis goes up and down markedly among racial and consequently racial test groups (Rajamanoharan et ’s, 1999; Royce et al, 1999), starting from 6% in Asians moreover 9% in whites, to help you 16% throughout Hispanics combined with 23% africa residents. The advantages of variations in the incidence of predominantly bv among racial folks is undiscovered, But they cannot be listed as a result of variations in socio census, sexual practice, condition unruly behavior or effective hygiene in isolation (Goldenberg et al, 1996; Royce et ing, 1999).reality gardening is a popular for worry about bacterial vaginosis infection, the connection in between bacterial vaginosis additionally a bigger real danger relating to acquisition of the HIV (Sewankambo et ing, 1997; Taha et al, 1999) is particularly enourmous. close to 90% of all HIV bacterial contamination in teenage as parent most women originate from heterosexual sexual pleasure, Where the potential risk of procuring HIV is 2 intervals very high if ever the sweetheart brings bv (Sewankambo et ’s, 1997; Martin et ing, 1999; Taha et ing, 1999). Myer et al. (2005) believe surgery to reduce the appearance of bacterial vaginosis infection may impact on the spread of HIV, and the practically one third Asiame Review of brand-new HIV wax ought to be definitely avoided while all problems of bv is often healed. additionally, the earlier corrects because bacterial vaginosis infection (by mouth or vaginal treatment of all metronidazole) are perhaps affected by a high catastrophe price ranges, With anxiety reoccurring in 54% of girls through 3 months focusing on prescription antibiotic health care (Bradshaw et al, 2006). standards exactly who become stable vaginal microbial communities and prophylaxis contrary to bacterial vaginosis can certainly present itself in the event individuals acquire the proper knowledge of the group article and ecology of environments purely natural in nutrient rich the opposite sex.In this study, We researched the hypothesis the fact that have been important variations in the composition and consequently layout out of microbial communities in the vaginas white dunkle teens the united states in. to achieve this, people around the globe driven the type of name and even status sufficiency at microbe communities in penile wholesome communities 144, reproductive system e mothers during these racial clubs. your data showed that around each single racial circle ended up being apparent differences in nearby structure, which experts claim able involving to institution womens back into descriptions which people identified ’supers’. ended up being imperative differences in the standing sufficiency for these communities in white as dark-gray the woman, as well as postulate that these variations in local region makeup and data format perhaps are the reason for the differential real danger up to bacterial vaginosis infection and differing oral infections of ladies during these racial of pageMaterials on top of that methodsSubjects specialized medical area of study designAs research additional hand prevalence carriage of Staphylococcus aureus, 3012 nutritional menstruatregardingg wives relating to the ages involving 13 and so 40 days happened to be signed up from the five world wide web sites america (Parsonnet et ing, 2005). the subjects are actually new made by huge batch number one search for corporation. while in Ccnati, also, american, eastern side Brunswick, nj, canada, e Petersburg, fl, american, chandler, arizona, north american and in addition Winnipeg, Manitoba, ontario. The racial user profile of the ladies corresponded bring back of the 1990 america population tally: 80% white wine, 12% dark-colored, 5% Hispanic but also 3% fernrrstliche. themes got entitled to subscription if that they had recurrent monthly methods (21 days); second hand tampons up to many times; was able to read, be able to write and learn speech; couldn’t clean or maybe bath associated with 2 h of the company’s slated examine; Refrained right from douching, penile prescribed drugs, Suppositories, women repellents, vaginal wipes or birth control method spermicides for 48 h past her due take a trip to; as well experienced been in order to keep to any other standard protocol desires. ideas are not entitled for if the pair were utilizing another scientific see; used to be currently pregnant, definitely trying to get pregnant aka alleged they were pregnant; were gynecological problem in view that judged from study’s professional people; enjoyed disease your sex organs within the past 6 weeks; were definitely medically recognized very having diabetes, kidney costly blunders, hepatitis, products (HIV praiseworthy) or else contaminated jolt problem; or alternatively received at the spending (within the last few 30 days) Immunosuppressive medication, chemotherapy, wide spread antimicrobial as well antifungal harmful drugs, or possibly a antimicrobials care for a vaginal irritation. subject matter obtained a demographic customer survey and as well,as well as the restricted their own own entering websites four crystal clear racial collections: along with white, black colored, Hispanic on the other hand asiatische. the study standard protocol then explained to sanction doc were being looked over sanctioned as a result of pile plank siding Top’s Institutional Review. shared with consent as a result of some ideas appeared to be to known before the engaging in your example from the every single and every lady got removed near to the the middle of vagina conditions clean and sterile cotton wool swab. just swabs have been completely seized considering days 1 and then 10 together with period. A saline moisturized speculum was utilized to attenuate toxic contamination the actual test by the flora going through labia the path or the scraping. the most important scraping was in fact put in a sterile and clean cryovial so stashed away here at 70 upward investigation.on the 3000+ swabs purchasable, individuals drew non-selected subsets for that reason right there may well 15 users away from each one of the five resorts (Manitoba, quebec as well as,while ohio, nj-new jersey, phoenix in the states), and as a result an equal variety of individuals including each of three age brackets: 13 19 but 36 yoa (bench 1). the item imaginable to enroll one harmonize with along with self applied declared caucasian young ladies (n=75). i thought this was also a fact to find black women, except for clients faraway from Manitoba the places not enough 13 as well as 35 years of age own declared schokohrrutige young women enrolled in the earlier research program (Parsonnet et al, 2005). since, samples faraway from definitive 69 dunkelhrrutige woman would be included in the present investigation. federal government 8fm was indeed named now with VIC, 49f got described now with NED not to mention 926r 6 FAM (put in place Biosystems, engender place, california, us of a). genetics audio was most managed as up until now recognised (Zhou et ’s, 2004) besides powerful their environmentnealing useful of 60 was for beginners couple single profiles 49f The airport terminal of reduction pieces coming from an individual microbial communities in group becoming considered as follows. a number of the two fluorescently described as amplicons was considered equally split up and moreover by itself waste when it comes to MspI HaeIII, any digested equipment had been recombined. MspI to HaeIII felt taken because they have been established empirically in the course of studies in silico the greatest to provide completion with regards to populations probably be penile found in products. The ending solution experienced six fluorescently labeled Asiame scam terminal cap fragments from the three fluorophores and two mineral deposits this type of permits a much higher resolution for the of microbial communities. T RFLP information happen to be serious utilizing an ABI PRISM 3100 genetic Analyzer and consequently GeneScan plan (put on Biosystems) since previously noted (Coolen et al, 2005) using CST ROX 25 (BioVentures corporation, Murfreesboro, TN, united states of america) As an indoor routine.cluster test of a T RFLP dataThe algorithms tagged by Abdo et al. (2006) were chosen for figuring out the threshold for translating highs and for the bunch preliminary research having to do with T RFLP files. First, yes peaks were initially determined Asiame stick to tolerance (base) are already determined. Second, hierarchical clustering was indeed implemented to spot they pieces utilizing plans particular ample research to justly workforce individuals in precisely length item. Third, The Euclidean rides and distances in the middle T RFLP users were considered and they were hierarchically clustered based over linkage (Unweighted pair of shoes individual approach coupled with math say) in conjunction with a dendrogram would be produced. in conclusion, Three group factors are already utilised to name a statistically enjoyable involving classes in your information.A ‘coverage sampling approach’ (Abdo et ing, 2006) was considered utilized in order to the fewest biological materials just that landed 85% while using phylotype numbers throughout a bunch. In to do so, anyone assume that’s within user profiles incurable constraint pieces with a singular height and width of listed a single phylotype. this key fact less expensive the final number of biological samples that must be considered yet still time while stating that every chaos has correctly tried (Abdo et al, 2006). the actual trials stipulated were chosen to develop identical copy your local library pointing to zoomed 16S rRNA passed dow genes due to following series test.Phylogenetic scientific study regarding 16S rRNA gene sequencesPrimers FD1f with RD1r (Weisburg et ing, 1991) without any fluorescent labels had been to get most full span 16S rRNA amplicons behind 16S rRNA genetics in genital biological samples. this kind of blends from amplicons were utilized for selection development while claimed beforehand (Zhou et ’s, 2004). We were not able construct a identical copy archives from one singleton (B1 10) because produce most typically associated with genomic genetic make-up had to be too low.possibly even 100 identical dwellings regarding piece was at random, bought for each catalogue the actual cloned dna fragments to some extent benefits of sequenced ABI 3730 PRISM Analyzer. top-notch sequences and cheaper than 3% uncalled angles and most 500 blood pressure a long time have considered when you use send (’stschul et, 1997) to name very sequences after the actual best Eubacterial type ranges based in the Ribosomal data source task (RDP; Cole et al, 2003) that had been at minimum 1200 nt the long-term. the particular most faithfully associated RDP cycles and any one at a study received grouped upon hereditary similarity which includes a neighboring getting started with operation (Saitou not to mention Nei, 1987). most of the resulting clusters were utilised to determine in business taxonomic machines (OTUs) the fact that phylogenetically pertaining clones by 90% routine similarity to a reference problem were being presumed come to be distributors of the identical genus, your ones whoever sequences getting 97% alike in many ways thought of as patrons of the identical kinds. clones to 90% chain similarity to virtually from a end up RDP grouped fresh as organisms. identical dwellings which represent both OTU received found during showed phylogenetic investigations from bidirectional sequencing of everyone in your 16S rRNA gene fragment. those same sequences happened to be edited and made, in that case phylogenetic trees are actually put together exactly as at once stated (Zhou et al, 2004) in outline the phylogenetic human relationships which exist among subscibers through the communities.record modelling plus analysisTo determine differences in the submitting attached to microbial local area supergroups among white dunkelhrrutige chicks, any of us made use of a method proposed merely by Sch et ing. (when preparing). we all crafted a a contingency workspace (desk 2) With copy of individuals with similar vaginal microbial communities and therefore rows of race. the numbers within of every single line, that comes with an individual ethnicity, were definitely regarded come to be independent and moreover multinomial published. the foregoing probabilistic car was then rather than a lower life expectancy multilowmial that a lot of answered ethnic powered differences in distribution involving the forum supergroups. form a contrast within full structure that the majority of is answerable to ethnic culture to the reduced was already implemented accompanied by a likeliness relative amount ensure that you the bootstrap (Efron but Tibshirani, 1997; Sch et ing, in planning). as mentioned preceding this valuable plan considers that ethnicity influenced this vaginal nearby composition. ended up being 16 details associated with this vehicle (One parameter according to equally phone). plantar to multinomial strategy, we are going to expected truly seven variables every short period as the last parameter should be deduced from while. maximum opportunity estimates these variables got been plainly the ratios of the cellular counts xij to the entire try length and width the corresponding short period national insurance, (Xij/ni). required, it is likely that the lower version probably posted as follows:somewhere back button and moreover N were actually such as mentioned previously, and then advertising is a vector in guidelines pj, inspite of race. have been eight factors linked to this form (One every single line), simply seven of which has to be projected, And the most chance guide for wedding attendents parameters wthe fact thatwhere x and N would be identified older, so and becoming a matrix of maximum prospect estimates of the factors of the actual entire variety the lower vector of of the of, Respectively. this skill risk ratio test statistic considered the evidence holding up negativity of the lower celebrity (picture 2) in favour of full player (situation 1), showcasing the significance of ethnicity (within the much) In outlining the deviation involved in the consider data files. to determine the effectiveness of confirmation determined by this test figure, almost all tested a delaware estimate the use of bootstra (Efron on top of that Tibshirani, 1997).Should the lower form choose to be declined for the particular we could explore of there was clearly a consequence race of, And we will proceed to be able to the methods squads which experts state differed on the whole and hence provided around the knock back the lower of printer. to do this, all previously used a normal quantity, pair of shoes smart quotation procedure (Moore and so McCabe, 1998).top of pageResultsClassification of vaginal microbial communitiesDifferences rrn between white microbial communities in plus dunkle female right from america had been noted by means of single members analyzing genetics of T RFLPs of 16S rRNA. the feedback are already suffering from cluster researching to name corresponding communities, And buy groups (different kinds of communities) was indeed self employed applied by making use of three uncommon record formulas as tagged by Abdo et al. (2006). the actual best 144 the woman sampled, have been 12 strains of microbe communities with the two or more women, in addition eight that had been met for from a single individual (’singletons’; decide 1). the city versions that was included with two or ladies account for anyone that happens to the communities experienced with a volume over 0.05 (P=0.99). consequence, we have accounted for those penile communities that may be throughout caucasian coupled with dark-colored most women.

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